Jordan Ratliff, occupational therapist assistant; Krysten English, a student with the Cape Girardeau Career & Technology Center; and Heather Gaines, occupational therapist, laugh with Molly Price about her determination to break the AlterG® treadmill record.

When Molly Price came to Life Care Center of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, after falling at home and fracturing her right femur, she hoped she would be able to start walking again.


What she found is that she gained a lot more.


“She’s a hard worker,” said Heather Gaines, occupational therapist. “Even when she still had limited weight-bearing, we were walking on the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® and doing some walking along the parallel bars.”


What Gaines didn’t know was just how competitive Price is.


“When she was on the AlterG, she asked me what the record was for how long someone had walked on it,” Gaines said. “I told her I thought it was close to 30 minutes.”


That was all it took. Price didn’t stop until she had walked for 30 minutes and six seconds. Even then, she stopped, she said, because “I lost a sock.”


Price also used the Biodex balance machine and Omnicycle® seated stepper to regain strength and endurance.


Therapists also helped Price overcome limitations from a previous shoulder injury.


Heather Tolson, occupational therapist assistant, used the SaeboMAS arm support system to help Price regain range of motion in her right shoulder. When Price came to Life Care, she could barely raise her arm to be parallel to the floor. Now, she can lift it almost above her head. An electric stimulation system was used to help control the pain in her shoulder while she regained range of motion.


Price is now also able to bathe herself, transfer from the wheelchair or bed and use a walker – things she wasn’t able to do when she first arrived at Life Care on May 5, 2018. She returned to her Lilbourn, Missouri, home with her son on Aug. 14, better equipped to care for herself and with high praise for the Life Care team.


“When I needed something, they’d get it for me,” she said. “Everybody has been wonderful to me.”