Left to right: Kimberley Daniels, physical therapist assistant; Josh Tolson, occupational therapist assistant; Ronald Nall; and Blake Larkowski, speech therapist


Retired band teacher Ronald Nall fell on his back while he was shopping at Walmart.


A few weeks later, Nall became very weak. A trip to the hospital revealed he had developed a large blood clot, which had traveled to his brain. After being treated at the hospital, he came to Life Care Center of Cape Girardeau for rehabilitation.


Nall arrived on Oct. 28, and he needed extensive assistance with walking, getting in and out of bed, standing and even getting around in a wheelchair. He had trouble with critical thinking and with swallowing, and he needed some assistance with daily tasks like getting dressed and bathing.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists began working with Nall at least five days a week to regain mobility, strength, balance, cognition and independence. The Biodex balance machine was a help in his rehab, as was a stationary bicycle.


“Ronald was very motivated to participate and worked very hard in order to return home,” said Josh Tolson, occupational therapist assistant.


“I was really tough on him because I knew he had it in him,” said Kimberly Daniels, physical therapist assistant. “He just needed a push to know he was capable.”


“I like a challenge, and I like to win, so I liked therapy,” said Nall.


On Nov. 18, Nall was able to return home. He could walk and take care of his self-care tasks independently again, and he was thinking clearly and swallowing safely. He could use his hand nearly normally as well.


“I’ve been really pleased with this place,” Nall added. “I have loved the freedom here. My friends came and visited a lot. It’s more like a hotel or resort than a nursing home. I appreciated the aides, too – they have been great.”

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